John William MALIPHANT [##45049]

Travelling from U.S.A. to U.K. in 1875

Journey Details

Departed from:
Somewhere, U.S.A. on Somewhen in 1875 A

Arrived at:
Somewhere, U.K. on Somewhen in 1875 A

Ship: Unknown
Owner: Unknown
Master: Not known


Elizabeth MALIPHANT [##44528]
John William MALIPHANT [##45049]

Notes & Comments
Assumption – there is no evidence apart from the sequence of trans atlantic travels. We know he died in Wales.
William and his parents John and Elizabeth are on the 1870 USA census in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
Father John died in Pannsylvania in 1873.
There is no reference to them in USA in the 1880 Census, and William and his mother are in the 1881 census in London.
There’s a story that after father John died, the family “returned to the UK after the great floods” – but that was in 1889, so can not be true.

Source: None

Sent by: Bruce Maliphant [##48059]